Dream to Reality in 4 Months!

September 1, 2011
On May 17, 2010, I called Dale to ask for help to build us a house.  Dale had built our garage previously. He arrived at 4pm and left at 7pm with my child-like drawing of the house Sam and I would like to have built.  After Dale had re-done my drawings, they were in the building office on Wednesday, May 19, 2010.Read More

Experience, Knowledge and Passion

March 2008
With regards to Dale Beattie, here are just a few words that immediately stand out: passionate, thorough, energetic, team player, fun, productive, committed, resourceful, creative, detail orientated.
Myself and a team of community volunteers had the pleasure working with Dale on constructing the Pemberton Children’s Centre. From beginning to end, the centre took nearly two years to complete. Throughout the two-years, Dale put his entire energy into this project; for this, the Pemberton Child Care Society in eternally grateful.
Prior to this community project, I had never met nor worked with Dale -it only was through positives references that I had heard about Dale and his work. Prior to hiring Dale, he served as a volunteer member on the society’s building committee. It was fitting as Dale’s experience, knowledge and passion to projects within the community that the Pemberton Child Care Society offered him the position of Construction Manager.Read More

High Level of Integrity

November 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
As a recent client of Dale Beattie, we are happy to provide a reference and comments on our experience in working closely with him over the past two years. We contracted Dale to serve as general contractor for the completion of a new house in Pemberton.  We currently live in Langley and plan to retire to Pemberton.  Since we would only be able to visit the site on weekends at best, it was critical that we selected an individual that would take the time to clearly understand our objectives and would then deliver the quality and performance we expected.  We have been very happy with the results and have no reservations in recommending Dale.Read More

Conscientious, Reliable and Trustworthy

28th.March 2008
Dear Dale,
I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did renovating my home at Ryan Creek Road, Pemberton. I realize it was an extremely difficult and complicated undertaking especially as you were unsupervised and many decisions you had to make without consulting me. I can only say how fortunate I was in allowing you to handle this work for me in this manner.Read More

On Budget and On Time

Nov 27th, 2006
To Whom It May Concern;
I am writing this letter of recommendation in hopes that I may help you make an informed decision in regards to whom you hire as a General Contractor for your upcoming project. All building projects, big or small, are driven first and foremost by a budget. The budget is affected by many outside interferences. It is these interferences that we hire a General Contractor to manage. It is these management skills that should be the basis of your hiring criteria. If your project is of any size then you must be diligent in understanding who the General Contractor is. Many General Contractors just want to charge a fee for service, and then disregard their responsibility to making your project a success. Over the past 15 years I have worked on 4 different projects with Dale Beattie from First Choice.  These projects have ranged from $149,000.00 to $ 800,000.00. Each and every time Dale has been on budget and on time.Read More

Amazingly Stunning Result

We chose Dale Beattie and First Choice Quality Homes for the contract of our new commercial building for our design business in Birken, 9443 Portage Road. We design and develop snow-sport apparel and have clients such as Burton, Axc’teryx, Gore-Tex, etc.  The building consists of offices w/kitchen and bath as well as our manufacturing floor. We achieved together an amazingly stunning result with lots of unique design elements that suits our business really well, all within our budget. Dale is very connected from all his years in the industry and we were able to get great deals on many things through him. He delivered a very hands on service.  He’s very accommodating and always very positive and fun to have around. He communicates well and he rarely sees anything as a problem as it’s only a matter of the right solutions in his mind. Read More

He Saved Us Money at Every Turn

August 31, 2011
My wife and I recently hired Dale Beattie of First Choice Quality Homes to do the foundation and framing for our home. We were daunted by the project to say the least. Most people we spoke with said how stressful it was to build a home. We spoke with Dale. In my first conversation with him, he told me how fun it was going to be.  He liked our design and helped tweak it completely.  His knowledge with the permit processes and building codes was indispensable . He saved us money at every turn. Dale’s crew has a hard work ethic and amazing attention to detail.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.  This build has made my wife and I consider doing it again. You know we’d call Dale.
Mike and Kama Grenzer
2201 Poole Creek Rd.

Good Communicator

Art and I (Nellie Den Duyf) highly recommend Dale Beattie of First Choice Quality Homes as builder.
Dale is a good communicator and advisor with the trades and he is very passionate about his work.

Regards, Nel
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