On Budget and On Time

Nov 27th, 2006
To Whom It May Concern;
I am writing this letter of recommendation in hopes that I may help you make an informed decision in regards to whom you hire as a General Contractor for your upcoming project. All building projects, big or small, are driven first and foremost by a budget. The budget is affected by many outside interferences. It is these interferences that we hire a General Contractor to manage. It is these management skills that should be the basis of your hiring criteria. If your project is of any size then you must be diligent in understanding who the General Contractor is. Many General Contractors just want to charge a fee for service, and then disregard their responsibility to making your project a success. Over the past 15 years I have worked on 4 different projects with Dale Beattie from First Choice.  These projects have ranged from $149,000.00 to $ 800,000.00. Each and every time Dale has been on budget and on time.

Dale has accomplished this by making sure he has an intimate knowledge of the scope of the work before he even starts the job. Using his many years of experience Dale always makes sure that he has the right sub contractor on the job at the right time. Valuable time is not lost, and time is cash when building. Dale will always make sure that his customer is getting the best deal possible. He will never be caught making special deals for special friends, using your resources. Dale is always on the job site, he is not a part time General Contractor who wants to run the job site from the golf course. All projects have hiccoughs that are often caused by others lack of attention to detail. Dale has a great way of making sure that these issues get resolved effectively and efficiently.

In 2003 Dale completed a $250,000.00 exterior face lift at Frontier Pharmacy for me. We did not lose any hours of operation through the course of the project.  I attribute this to Dale’s planning and his ability to execute the plan.

If there was to be one complaint about Dale, I would have to say that I believe he will never charge enough for what he brings to your project. In conclusion, if you feel your project is going to need that little extra care, then I would urge you to give Dale Beattie and First Choice special consideration.


Garth Phare
Pemberton B.C.
604 894-6416