Experience, Knowledge and Passion

March 2008
With regards to Dale Beattie, here are just a few words that immediately stand out: passionate, thorough, energetic, team player, fun, productive, committed, resourceful, creative, detail orientated.
Myself and a team of community volunteers had the pleasure working with Dale on constructing the Pemberton Children’s Centre. From beginning to end, the centre took nearly two years to complete. Throughout the two-years, Dale put his entire energy into this project; for this, the Pemberton Child Care Society in eternally grateful.
Prior to this community project, I had never met nor worked with Dale -it only was through positives references that I had heard about Dale and his work. Prior to hiring Dale, he served as a volunteer member on the society’s building committee. It was fitting as Dale’s experience, knowledge and passion to projects within the community that the Pemberton Child Care Society offered him the position of Construction Manager.
Throughout the construction stage, we encountered several obstacles; Dale successfully overcame each obstacle with patience, time and dedication. As well, Dale successfully worked and communicated well with all trades, businesses and volunteers.
Without Dale’s vested commitment and passion, the centre would not had benefited financially nor productively.  I am confident in sharing with you that the Pemberton Children’s Centre would have been in operation many months later without Dale working endless hours, days and weeks to see the project complete.
I can not wait to work with Dale on other community related projects!


Stephanie Coughlin
Chair, Pemberton Child Care Society