High Level of Integrity

November 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
As a recent client of Dale Beattie, we are happy to provide a reference and comments on our experience in working closely with him over the past two years. We contracted Dale to serve as general contractor for the completion of a new house in Pemberton.  We currently live in Langley and plan to retire to Pemberton.  Since we would only be able to visit the site on weekends at best, it was critical that we selected an individual that would take the time to clearly understand our objectives and would then deliver the quality and performance we expected.  We have been very happy with the results and have no reservations in recommending Dale.
He has strong technical skills and is a versatile individual who enjoys a challenge. A strong problem solver, when unexpected issues arose, he would clearly explain the situation, suggest alternatives, and then recommend a course of action after hearing our views and feedback. In addition to managing the complete project, he performed a considerable amount of the construction with his own team, and the quality of work was always first rate. His knowledge of the sub trades and years of experience in building in the Pemberton area enabled him to make sound decisions and recommendations when selecting key trades.  Dale is an articulate and a good communicator.  In managing his own team and other trades,  he set high but reasonable expectations and would not tolerate substandard work. He could be described as firm but fair in his dealings with others.  We often had to rely on Dale’s judgment and he quickly earned our trust and respect as both a building manager and an individual with a high level of integrity.
Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.
Sharon and Jim Oliver
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