We choose Dale Beattie and First Choice Quality Homes for the contract of our new commercial building for our design business in Birken, 9443 Portage Road. We design and develop snowsport apparel and have clients such as Burton, Axc’teryx, Gore-Tex etc. The building consists of offices w/kitchen and bath as well as our manufacturing floor. We achieved together an amazingly stunning result with lots of unique design elements that suits our business really well, all within our budget. Dale is very connected from all his years in the industry and we were able to get great deals on many things through him. He delivered a very hands on service, he’s very accommodating and always very positive and fun to have around. He communicates well and he rarely sees anything as a problem as it’s only a matter of the right solutions in his mind. The contract was during the fall and winter months and we were amazed of the output during these harsh conditions. We have a great working relationship with Dale and he’s the first one we’d call for our next project. We’re so happy in our new beautiful working environment! Feel fret to surf our website and find pictures of exterior and interior of our building.
Best regards,
Susanna Bergstrom

PHONE: 604 452 0044
FAX: 604 452 0045
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Wes Stone
Autumn Place
Whistler, B.C.
April 13, 2010
To whom it may concern,
Please be advised that Oak:, Beattie of First Choice Quality. Homes was the Genera Contractor of my horne on Autumn Place. The construction of my home was ‘grand” and I was very pleased to have Dale on board as he brought with him the experience and knowledge that was required to build this home. Dale is very organized and easy to work with, as well, he has a keen eye to detail which helped with finishing. Dale takes his work seriously and provides quality workmanship. I would certainly rehire Dale in future for any other housing/construction projects.
Lori McCabe per
Wes Stone

Pemberton Children’s Centre
March 2008
With regards to Dale Beattie, here are just a few words that immediately stand out: passionate, thorough, energetic, team player, fun, productive, committed, resourceful, creative, detail orientated.
Myself and a team of community volunteers had the pleasure working with Dale on constructing the Pemberton Children’s Centre. From beginning to end, the centre took nearly two years to complete. Throughout the two-years, Dale put his entire energy into this project; for this, the Pemberton Child Care Society in eternally grateful.
Prior to this community project, I had never met nor worked with Dale-it only was through positives references that I had heard about Dale and his ‘work’. Prior to hiring Dale he served as a volunteer member on the society’s building committee. It was fitting as Dale’s experience, knowledge and passion to projects within the community that the Pemberton Child Care Society offered him the position of Construction Manager.
Throughout the construction stage, we encountered several obstacles; Dale successfully overcame each obstacle with patience, time and dedication. As well, Dale successfully worked and communicated well with all trades, businesses and volunteers.
Without Dale’s vested commitment and passion, the centre would not had benefited financially nor productively-I am confident in sharing with you that the Pemberton Children’s Centre would have been in operation many months later without Dale working endless hours, days and weeks to see the project complete.
I can not wait to work with Dale on other community related projects!


Stephanie Coughlin
Chair, Pemberton Child Care Society

November 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
As a recent client of Dale Beattie. we are happy to provide a reference and comments on our experience in working closely with him over the past two years. We contracted Dale to serveas general contractor fix the completion of a new house in Pe-mberton. We currently live in Langley and plan to retire. to Pemberton Since we would only be able to visit the site on weekends at best, it was critical that we selected an individual that would take the time to clearly understand dur,objectives and would then deliver the quality and performance we expected. We have been very happy with the results and have no reservations in recommending Dale.
He has strong technical skills and is a versatile individual who enjoys a challenge. A strong problem solver, when unexpected issues arose. he would clearly explain the situation. suggest alternatives, and then recommend a course of action after hearing our views and feedback. In addition to managing the complete project, he performed a considerable amount of the construction with his own team. and the quality of work was always first rate. His knowledge of the Sub trades and years of experience in building in the Pemberton area enabled him to make sound decisions and recommendations when selecting key trades Dale as articulate and a good communicator. In managing his own team and other trades.   He set high but reasonable expectations and would not tolerate substandard work. Re could be described as firm but fair in his dealings with others. We often had to rely on Dale’s judgment and he quickly earned our trust and respect as both a budding manager and an individual with a high level of integrity.
Please feel free to contact us if we can be of assistance.
Sharon and Jim Oliver

Pemberton B.C.
604 894-6416
Nov 27th, 2006
To Whom It May Concern;
I am writing this letter of recommendation in hopes that I may help you make an informed decision, in regards to whom you hire as a General Contractor for your upcoming project. All building projects, big or small, are driven first and foremost by a budget .The budget is affected by many outside interferences. It is these interferences that we hire a General Contractor to manage. It is these management skills that should be the basis of your hiring criteria. If your project is of any size then you must be diligent in understanding who the General Contractor is. Many General Contractors just want to charge a fee for service, and then disregard their responsibility to making your project a success. Over the past 15 years I have worked on 4 different projects with Dale Beattie from First Choice. These projects have ranged from $149 000.00 to $ 800 000.00.Each and every time Dale has been on budget and on time.

Dale has accomplished this by making sure he has an intimate knowledge of the scope of the work before he even starts the job. Using his many years of experience Dale always makes sure that he has the right sub contractor on the job at the right time. Valuable time is not lost, and time is cash when building. Dale will always make sure that his customer is getting the best deal possible. He will never be caught making special deals for special friends, using your resources. Dale is always on the job site, he is not a part time General Contractor who wants to run the job site from the golf course. All projects have hiccoughs that are often caused by others lack of attention to detail. Dale has a great way of making sure that these issues get resolved effectively and efficiently.

In 2003 Dale completed a $250 000.00 exterior face lift at Frontier Pharmacy for me .We did not lose any hours of operation through the coarse of the project . I attribute this to Dales planning and his ability to execute the plan.

If there was to be one complaint about Dale I would have to say that I believe he will never charge enough for what he brings to your project. In conclusion, if you feel your project is going to need that little extra care, then I would urge you to give Dale Beattie and First Choice spedal consideration.

Sincerely, Garth Phare

Wild Wind Farm
1719 Pinewood Dye
5931 Graysontown Rd.
Radford, VA 24141

28th.March 2008
Dear Dale,

I would like to thank you for the excellent work you did renovating my home at Ryan Creek Road, Pemberton. I realize it was an extremely difficult and complicated undertaking especially as you were unsupervised and many decisions you had to make without consulting me. I can only say how fortunate I was in allowing you to handle this work for me in this manner. I have over the years worked with many contractors and can emphatically say you are one of the most conscientious, reliable, and trustworthy person one could ever wish to engage. The quality of your work is of the highest degree and faultless. I thank you sincerely. I have no hesitation in highly recommending you to any persons or Construction Company.
Best regards,
Ray Barker-Smith